Equality Is A Necessary Expense

Statement of the Shadow President:

Recently, there has been talk of the “tremendous medical costs” associated with accommodating transgender persons in our military. I am not concerned.

Perhaps there really are tremendous costs attached to supporting a military that reflects the diversity that makes up America. (I doubt it, but maybe.) Even so, preserving that diversity by allowing people who come from minority communities to participate in our national institutions is what a country like ours must pay for. More than that, it’s what a country like ours exists for.

After all, the only reason that we have a military is to preserve our values and our way of life. There is no value that we have fought harder to enshrine in our national identity than that of equality. In my vision of our American family, all are included. All belong. It would be a mockery of the military to prevent it from exemplifying one of the principles that it is meant to protect.

So, yes, our military is expensive and maybe we are paying too much for it. That’s a conversation that we ought to have. But allowing transgender Americans to fully participate in their society, whether it be through military service or otherwise, is not an unnecessary expense. It is, in fact, what we must do if we are to survive and be the nation that we think we are.

Disclaimer: I am not actually the president of the United States. The views expressed herein are not necessarily those of the person who is.