Particular Pages

Blogrolls are fun, but they can also be a little overwhelming. Sometimes, one just wants to be directed to a specific thing that a person particularly liked. Hence, this page: a collection of some of my favorite islands on the web.

The Birth of a Poem


Donald Judd’s Library

Douglas Adams

Jack Gilbert: People miss so much because they want money and comfort and pride, a house and a job to pay for the house … People take vacations. That’s their reward—the vacation. Why not the life?

John King plays Ka Ipo Lei Manu

Mary Oliver: There were times over the years when life was not easy, but if you’re working a few hours a day and you’ve got a good book to read, and you can go outside to the beach and dig for clams, you’re okay.



Nikitastra’s Kitchen Jam

Poetry for the End of the World

The Ruined Table


Spring Poetry

This CD Review

Under a Vast, Blue Sky

USMC Leadership Traits